Beginning of a new experience

Today, Monday 23, it’s now almost 1 week that my adventure began and so many things happened !

But, first, let me explain you my adventure…

After 6 months of internship I decided to go abroad. But I am someone adventurous so I decided to go to the other part of the world: China.

Why ? Because for me, China represents the Oriental culture as I know (or don’t know) it and if I want to understand the world where I live, I do not have to follow my born and bred culture but discover “the opposite” (even if the world is full of oppositions) .

How ? I wanted to go abroad, but I am not a very independent woman.. So I decided to choose the “Au Pair program”, this allow students to discover a new country, while teaching English (for China) to a small host brother or sister. Perfect !

Where ? My host family lives in the suburb of Beijing.

So, the first three days are dedicated to discovering chinese culture in the agency located in Hangzhou. We live in a cosy hotel and we have some lessons about Mandarin language, family structure, child education.. this moment is very important and allow us to have an other view of the culture before going to our host families.

During these 3 days, we also discover the wonderful West Lake !



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