Food habits

There is nothing I like more than trying new kind of food..
Hopefully, now that I live in Beijing, my “chinese Grand’ma” is cooking everyday for 1 or 2 hours (every three meals)  !

What do we drink ?

Yes, this is a question I have to answer ! As you might know, in China, current water is not drinkable, so everytime we drink (or eat) we have to boil the water, so, to give a little taste, we add some tea.. And that’s why everyone is drinking tea everytime  ๐Ÿ˜‰
I also have seen a lot of people with tea in a bottle when I took the train, and they fill it with boiled water directly in the wagon.
Finally, in Hangzhou I was lucky to try watermelon juice that really taste like watermelon  !

What do we eat  ?

Breakfast : A bowl of rice with water (sounds weird but very good), some spicy things (the green thing in the picture) and sweet potatoe. In my host family we also eat a sort of “omelette” (with flour) and brownie  ๐Ÿ˜€


Lunch :  Of course, it depends if you live in the North(Bei) or in the South(Nan). But here, in Beijing, I am lucky to try Suzhou(in the south) food because my host family is from there. So we eat .. seafood !! Like crab, river fish, white bread and a looot of different things.
Of course, for every meal you have a bowl of rice..


Dinner : For me, it’s the same as lunch, a lot of different tastes


How is your host Grandmother concerning food  ?

Hey yes, I have to tell you that chinese grand mother are like every grand mother in the entire world, if they cook 3 hours a day, and they say you have to take more food, even if you are absolutely full… You take more food and say “Xiexie”  !

At the moment, I really enjoy every kind of food that I eat, and it only took me 2 days to get used to salty foos for the breakfast  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good Manners

So, as you know, in China, everyone is eating with chopsticks, and sometimes they use spoon, but it is more for the children. Hopefully, I went to a lot of chinese restaurants before, so I know how to use it.. But even if you know, you have to use it EVERYDAY for EVERYTHING and try to eat chinese noodles or bread with chopsticks…
But like everything, we get used to it  !

So, first thing to know, always put your chopstocks horizontally on the bowl when you have finish (and never put it on the table or vertically.. )

Concerning the noise.. Yes they make sone noise. But, first, I think this is because every meal are really hot, so you have to “take some air” to refresh it.. And secondly, it is very fun and you really feel better when everyone is making noise  !

Finally, there is a lot of different meals and you have to share with everyone  ! 


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