My host family

Now, let me introduce you to my chinese family.

The Mother

Xiaohong, I call her Lilie, is a hardworking business woman. She is a specialized journalist in art and she always travrlled a lot. She is very nice, carefull and smiling !

The Father

Yao Mingyi is a famous painter born in Suzhou (and he really likes his hometown). He spend 15 years in the USA and had the American dream (he began with 16 $ and a few paintings in New York). Now he have a lot of paintings book. He is very carefull with his daughter and always try to play with her !


The Child

Chloe, or Yixie, or Xiaoxie, is the small “princess” of the house. She is really smart and she likes learning new things. She always try to share with the others and she is very independant for a chinese onlychild. She already know how to brush her teeth or how to dress up, but, in the morning, it’s a different story ! She also like to spend time (nust vefore goong to bed) with me talking in english.


The grand mother

She is Lilie’s mother and she cooks very well ! We went bicyling and dancing together, so I think, even if she is not a smiling person, that she likes me !


There is also a “nanny” (she is cleaning the house) and I really like her because she know how to speak to Chloe !

We can find a few pets too.. 2 dogs, 6 peacocks, 6 turtles and 2 chicken



Finally, the house is very huge and full of sculptures. It had won a price of “the most well decorated house in china”, and there is like a museum in the underground..



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