Chinese mantra : Give and take

This day was incredible…

When you are an Au Pair, you have not a lot of freedom because, for the family, you are like a big sister and they do not let you doing a lot of things by yourself. But…

The more they give you, the more they will expect from you.

So, this part can be horrible for some people who always need some freedom, but you also can learn from it.

Let me explain, I really feel lucky because today the host mother took me to her working place (Phoenix TV station) so I had the opportunity to participate to a conference with the Dali’s Fundation’s CEO.




Moreover, because I spoke a “quite good english” (and because I’m french) they really wanted me to ask questions just like a journalist  !
It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G   !





Finally, on the evening, we went to the Slovaque’s ambassador’s christmas party…


They gave me a lot. So now I have to be perfect with my host sister Chloe and teach her english like a teacher.. It will be hard but it worth it.


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