Driving in China

Okay that is not a very intersting subject at the first sight…
But sincerely, it is the first thing you will discover very quickly when you arrived in China  !

First, walking people have no special right to protect them..

Second, you will think chinese people are mad because they can go where they want with their car and double others or go against direction …

But  !  When you observe well, you can see that they are not driving very fast and they are really respectfull on the road. Even if they honk, it’s only to say “hey I’m here” and it’s well seen.
And finally, I would like to add that, because of the traffic, they spend so much time in their car.

For example, we have spend 2 : 30 to go from the school to the house which is normally at 15 min… And that’s usual !


Last but not least, they do not stand in line (and that’s for everything) !  So it is not disrespectfull to pass a car.


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