First conclusion after 1 month

Hello everyone,

After one month I would like to share my first impressions and my feeling.

With the little Chloe, everything is becoming better and better, thanks to our holidays in Suzhou, she get used to me and she understand that we share the same goal: her safety, her well-being and english progress (and some funny moments of course).

I have found some ways of encouraging her brushing her teeth. For example, I say “no ! I don’t want to brush my teeth !” then she felt the need of telling me “yes brush your teeth ! You brush I brush” so that is very usefull.

Everytime she doesn’t want to move I do the “horse” and say: on my back ! Then she happily come with me, on my back ! 🙂

When I want her to listen to me and practice english, I always use the timer and say “10 minutes” (it will depend on the time we have) then, after the timer ring, she immediately stop and listen to me ! (it can be used to go to the shower, to go to sleep, to eat…).

Now, every week we will try to find new goals with Lilie (like trying to write her name).

Concerning my free time, I am really happy to learn painting techniques from Yang Mingyi, I also try to work my mathematics for my exam in March.
And I never get bored because we often go out or people are coming to the house and we share a tea time moment !

To conclude, this month was full of emotions and rich in experience so I’m ready to continue this for 5 more months !


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