Happy New Year

On the 31st of December, I had to go to my chinese lesson on the morning, then I went to a concert made by the Austrian opera (the Soprano was amazing) because my host father was invited because of his painting contributions to the Li Keran academy of painting:


Then, I decided to walk a bit around the Beijing Hotel, and I found Wangfujing street, which is pretty famous for tourists.




When you enter the street there is a huge chinese door on a side and when you enter you can see a lot of street food vendors and a lot of tourist items. But let me give you an advice, if you want to buy street food, continue a little after Wangfujing street, it will be cheaper. And if you want to buy some souvenirs.. Try to find it on Ebay, Amazon or Taobao it will cost half the price you could achieve to bargain in the street !
Then, I wanted to see Tian’anmen:


And finally I met my Au Pair friends for a funny New Year’s party !

It was difficult to find a place for 12 people so we had to split to spend a good time



We went on Wudaoku which is a very good place to meet people or to have a good time as a foreigner student. We decided to go to La Bamba and drink some beers (25kuai for beer and cocktails). Then we went to the Wu club which was 30 kuai for ladies, and there was free drinks inside !

We really had a good time, I have met some awesome people and when it was time to go home my host mother had called a driver for me and Katelin (my American friend from Arkansa). Hopefully when the driver called, Katelin understand chinese so we finally found where he was. But without her, I would have never went back home !!

To conclude: Wherever you go in the world, there will always be some nice people to help you doing anything and this experience is giving me the opportunity to learn how to trust people. Give and take ! Thank you China.


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