Chinese child education (Spoiled kids n°2 )

It’s been one month now that I am an Au Pair and my point of view about spoiled kids is changing everyday.

I think sometimes we should learn from chinese parenting.
Maybe children are spoiled, and parents can be over protective but sometimes it is nice to see parents taking care of the children like if they were children themselves.

Indeed, parents in France are too serious and they really want to create a barrier between them and the child. I think it can be good to negociate with them, to encourage them when they do something good, and stop useless punishement. Plus, if you explain to a child what he is doing wrong he will not do it again.

The key word for me is: self control. When parents are shouting they lose their control and they become children themselves.

Moreover, I think that not everything is the fault of the parents and sometimes parents just have to let it go and understand that nobody is perfect.


An other positive point (that can be negative) chinese parents want their child to do a lot of activities. It is nice to see how they try hard to encourage children doing numerous activities.
Plus, in kindergarten, children already have english lessons.

Chloe have a really good level in english, she is 4 years old (I think 3 in the european age) and she can already speak with me. So everything is not a matter of age but if you try hard to teach them things early, they can understand very quickly !

Finally, I really would like to know how chinese parents deal with adolescent. And if adolescent are the same as occidental countries. Because chinese parents are overreacting concerning security and yound people can not really go out like us.
For example, I began to go out with my friends, and at night, very early (maybe 15 years old) but now I know how to be carefull.
It is strange because in France we go out really early and there is a lot of dangers (in big cities). Whereas in china (in big cities too) I really feel safe and children are not alloud to go out before at least 20 !

To conclude, this article is really personal and maybe I will change my opinion in a few months, who knows 🙂 !


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