Chinese National Museum

Today my host dad decided that it was the time for me to discover Chinese National Museum (where I went befor for the Botero exhibition).

So I went there (this is next to Tian’anmen square) and first, it was very difficult to find the entrance because the building is very huge !


So you only have to show your passport and the entrance is free 🙂

Then, you have a police control (like everywhere) and they can check your books .. (Are my poor little books against chinese political thoughts?)

So I think this museum was nice and there was a few historical things about China… But it really doesn’t look like parisian museum !

Indeed, chinese places are often very big but there is not a lot of things inside.. And lot of exhibition halls were closed.

But I can show you some pictures 😉




After all, there was an exhibition about gift given from other countries to China, and it was said something like “see, our country have good relations with all the world !”but some gift were given 20, 30 or 40 years ago so I think it absolutely does not reflect the context of today !




Swan given from the US government


And finally a gift from France haha (in 1994) !


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