Birthday Party

Today was Tiger’s birthday.

Tiger is Marius’s host brother (and Marius is my german au pair friend).

So, in the morning, I had to meet Lilie (my host mother) and Chloe in Beijing East hotel. I really don’t know why they slept in a hotel this night haha !

Lilie asked me to come at 10:30 am and find a gift for Tiger in the shopping center nearby the hotel.

Of course, as usually, I was too early because I decided to take the subway and not the bus as she told me (so much easier). I arrived at 9:40, and I had to wait ’til the shopping center was open, then to wait ’til Lilie was ready..

2 hours later, she told me to come in her room and the Hotel asked me my passport (always take a copy of your passeport with you !) and my chinese number. Then, Chloe refused to wear her dress to go to Tiger’s birthday party. So she simply did not came.. Huh. (in Europe she would have cryed but wear the dress no matter what !).


(this was the view from the room !)

Lilie called me a driver via Wechat (this app is definitely so usefull) and he took me to Tiger’s party, in a beautiful european style restaurant.


I was a bit surprised because in this Birthday party there were only 4 children and maybe 10 relatives !

But I was happy to meet Marius there and we had time to talk about chinese habits (like evrybody is moving and watching their phone while eating).
And the food was very good ! We drank 3 glasses of wine because his host father always said “ganbei !” (cheers), and we had some very good meet.


It was funny because at the end of the meal, people always take a doggy bag with all thr rests. I like this “tradition” because it avoid waste !

Then Tiger had a big cake and Marius played “happy birthday” with the trombone.


The rest of the acternoon we did not do a lot of things except watching the kids !


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