Au pair advice

Hello everyone,

Today let me give you some advice if you are (or will be) au pair in a chinese family.

First, maybe you already know that chinese people are very hard working all of their lives. They never say “no” to work and they like to help each others.

So, if you are an au pair they will ask you to work as much as they do. For example, you do not have a strict planning because it will change every day. Your family will give you enough free time, don’t worry, but if they need you to cook or to take care of the child because they have to go out … You can not say “this is not my working hour !” Haha

The first thing they will require from you is to keep their child safe. And by safe, I also mean make sure he/she is not too cold, he/she drink enough water (only hot water !), he/she eat enough…

The second thing they will require is… An english teacher ! You have to talk to the child everytime, as much as you can.

But, it’s not finished. Sometimes (if your host mother can speak a quiet good english) they will ask you to make a plan for the week… Like a real teacher !


So I’m trying to find materials for the week, to write the goals and what she achived.


I also write down her progress: every english words are written in a notebook !

Sometimes being a Au pair in China can be difficult. But when your host child is making progress, you can see that it worth it !


So keep calm.
Remember you are lucky to be in China.
Do your best.
Go out with other au pairs.
And be proud of yourself ! 🙂


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