The best place to shop in Beijing

I have been to a few places to shop and to eat… But Hepinglibeijie’s shopping center is simply the best !

Next to my mandarin school, there is a huge shopping mall, with 6 floors of .. Everything ! You can reaaly find everything dor a cheap price and this place is so much better than the silk market !





And at the entrance you can find Tang Hulu for.. 4 or 5 kuai which is maybe 0.6 €. I never get bored of Tang Hulu 😀

So this place is where we go eating with the other au pairs on tuesday and thirsday because it’s very cheap.

Indeed you can eat for 8 to 12 kuai (or more if you want something specific) which is about 2€.. !



There is a lot of choice…


And it’s so good !


On the other floors you can also find shoes for 30 to 200 kuai. And you can bargain if the price is not written.

For example I have found “UGG style” boots because it’s very cold here for 65 kuai ( 9 € )  🙂


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