Progress ?

This day was full of emotions !

I had an appointment with my local coordinator Nancy. She is always doing her best so we, au pairs, can feel good, safe and happy. Her job is to communicate all the bad and good things between us and the family we live in, because a well understanding is very important.

So, she planned a small meeting in a café, when I had some free time, to talk to me about my au pair work and what my host mother was expecting from me.


To be true, I was a bit anxious because I didn’t knew what I had to expect haha ! But she told me that my host mother wanted me to make progress and that, as a chinese people, she had high expectations. Now I think I really understand because they do not only ask you to work more because you are an au pair. They ask you to work more because everybody in China is hard working ! So I think it is fair to do my best too 🙂

Although my host mother is not at home these days, as soon as I get back home, I sent her Chloe’s progress and a short video (with Chloe translating what her grand mother said to me) via Wechat… Annnnd…

It worked ! My host mom seemed to be satisfied with my work 😀

To conclued, if you want to be an Au pair in China you have to find a way to communicate as much as you can with your host family, and Wechat is very usefull because even if your host family can not understand english, they can translate it directly ! 😉


Never give up !


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