CCTV’s program for chinese new year

Today my host mom offered me to go to CCTV as a part of the audience for the special program of Chinese new year.


I went there with my host grand mother and a close friend of the family:


This was a very nice evening, indeed we spend 4 hours clapping in our hands and looking at the wonderful presentation of talented people. This showed me some traditional arts but I could not really understand what they said !





In the last picture you can see one of my Au Pair friend’s host mother (I did not knew she was so famous in China haha !)


I had a lot of fun and the show was amazing but we stayed there from 6 pm to 10pm and we did not eat ! The friend of the family asked my host grandma “what do you want to eat” and she said “nothing” so we went back home and I took an apple in the fridge. Suddenly she arrived in the kitchen and said “what are you doing ??” “Euh.. Eating!”
That part was not very fun !


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