Let’s go to the hospital !

Don’t panic, in China hospitals are like a huge place with a lot of doctors that treat every kind of disease !

Indeed, as you know, there are lot of people in China that means there are a lot of patients.. That mean they need a huge place to treat everyone 🙂


But why going to the hospital ?

Because Chloe had a fever and I could see that all the kids in the Children’s hospital had quiet the same illness. So we waited there for 4 hours to give her a sirup !

In a way, it was funny because chinese “administration” looks like french one haha :
Take a paper, write your name, pay for the first time, give me the card, wait 2 hours, see a doctor, go to the 3rd floor, test your blood, see a second doctor, pay…

If you have seen the Twelve tasks of Asterix.. It’s basically the same !


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