How to bargain/ how to buy

This is one of the first thing I asked to myself before coming to China, and I seems impossible for me at the begining !

Rule n°1
Smile ! Remember this is not a fight and you will surely find the object you want to buy in the next shop. So keep calm, you are speaking with someone who surely enjoy bargaining and the thing you want to buy will not fly away 🙂

Rule n°2

Ask “Zhè ge, duo shao qian ?”[ djége duo chao tchian] (how much for this ?)
If this looks like a souvenir or a scarf and they say 100 rmb.. It’s too much !

Try to say a low price (lower that the price you want to pay) and then, you are suppose to find a compromise.

But, I admit that I often say my price and then go away. If the seller is trying to keep you with him, maybe he will sell it to you at a very low price !
With this technique I have bought things 4 or 5 times less than the initial price.

Rule n°3
Learn your numbers !


Ten can also be with the middle and index fingers crossed.

Believe me, it will help us to understand very fast.

And “Yi Bai” is “One hundred” 😉

Rule n°4
Remember not to buy things you see for the first time, you will surely find it really cheap somewhere else !
And keep in mind the question “do I really need it ? Will I use it ? Do my friend like it ?”

Rule n°5
You will find the same thing on for 1€ (but I admit this is less fun !)
P.S: Marius if you read me, this is your tip !


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