Depending on our age, depending on the place where we were born, depending on our parents, depending on our friends.. We have not the same vision of the respect !
In China, it is the same, I do not like to have predjudicies and clichés so I will try to explain my vision of respect and what I can see in China.

Respect in France (or at least in big cities for the subway part):

– Making the difference between “vous” and “tu”
– Using a particular vocabulary when you are speaking with your friends/family/boss/collegue…
– Do not make any physical contact with someone you don’t know (especially in the subway where there is a lot of people.. Very smart haha)
– Wait in line and queue for everything
– Respect driving rules (if not.. people will be very rude)
– Say “thank you” “you’re welcome” and “sorry” for everything, everytime !

Respect in China (I only know Beijing):

The concept of “saving the face” is very very important. You will never ever see a chinese person angry in public or contradict other in public or being agressive in public.

– respect the elders: even if they say something wrong do not contradict them ! Give your seat to elders in public transportations, they will be very greatful and great you with a large smile and “xiexie” ! 🙂
– respect the family: they have so many names for every member of the family !
– it’s okay if you hustle somebody in the subway, that person will not even look at you haha ! I really love it because chinese people know that it’s not your fault if you fell on someone in the subway or in the bus 🙂 (so simple, so true !)
– think about others : it can be seen as “respect” because when you eat with chinese people, this is the moment when you have to show you care about others. You give tea, water or propose food, or napkins to everyone (especially if you are taking it for yourself).

I don’t think I have said everything but that’s what came to my mind !


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