A walk through Beijing

After beiing to the Forbidden City, I had 5 hours before meeting my friends in Wudaokou !

I really enjoy walking so i decided to take a walk to Xidan to see Joy City and the Pacific Mall..



And I did not really like it so I went to the north.. To finally arrive to Xizhimen subway station, which took me directly to Wudaokou 😉 (It took me about 3 hours to go there haha)

During this walk I have seen a lot of beautiful things and little boutiques/restaurants, less expensive than Xidan. After Ping’anli there was a street full of music instrument’s little shops.
So try to explore !


Then.. Wudaokou !

Ladie’s night on Thursday in Wu club allow you to have 5 free drinks ;D





That place is really nice and they have a nice popular music (usually I do not really like it but it’s perfect in a club 🙂 )

Then we shared a taxi with Katelin because it was a little late ! Hopefully we can speak a few words in Chinese now 😀


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