Hard work


I really try to see all the positive things around me and that’s why my blog is full of joy and happiness haha !

But today, my host mom told me I had to work 2 full weeks until the end of the month because : “there is a flu epidemic in kindergarten, and you had 2 full weeks alone to revise your exam”.

So I really do not belive there is a flu epidemic but I think she just want to use me because she pays for me so she prefer Chloe stays at home instead of going to school just to make me work..

This is very difficult because I have to work 12 hours a day which is about 84 hours a week.. (in France we are supposed to work 35 !). And I can not say anything because I was “free” for 2 weeks before.. (which btw I did not even ask for).

Plus, I think my host mom do not care about me because she never told me “yeah clara you are doing a good job” or she did not even ask about my exam, neather about my father’s health even if she knows he had a surgery.

I am really anxious because:
1. I have to learn Mandarin (I wanted to take the HSK exam),
2.I also have to join a university ( and try maybe 3 or 4 different ones) which is difficult because it needs a lot of time to connect with the VPN…
3. I can not even talk to my parents (and especially to my father who had a big surgery) because I have no time !

And, yes, I would also like some free time for myself, just to sleep or to have a rest !

Hopefully, I still have my Au pair friends to talk to 2 times a week.. They really seems to have nice host mom that knows what is an Au pair. Mine just think I am a babysitter, a mother, a teacher, a sister, a cook (cooking every dinner for the father, Chloe, and eventually the guest) and a house keeper.

I am now counting the days !


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