Am I doing a good work ?


Hey everyone !

You know I am the kind of person that can be anxious for everything. So the main question I asked to myself is “do I work enough/well ?” because I had the feeling that I worked a lot and that my host mom always asked me more !

So maybe you already know it, but chinese people do not really express their feeling in public and they always want you to be better.
Indeed, I thought “I work so hard and she asks me more ?!!” so I really felt bad.
But I decided to send her a (huge) message just to explain her how do I work, because maybe she does not understand my work ? Maybe she is worry for her child ? I just have to reassure her. 
Then, she answered that Chloe had made a big progress in english and that she is not worry ! She even put a smiley !

You might think I am weird for being happy for that, but when you work everyday in the doubt ..

So I just want to tell you how important it can be to speak with your host parents if you feel bad. It is also important to think like them and to reassure them. To send a positive message (and not the kind of message you say when you are angry like “you do not understand my work, I hate you!” because it can make things worse haha!)

Thereupon, always be positive and calm, things are not as bad as you might think haha ! *happy*

Bonus: Chloe walking her little dog

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