Host family hollidays

So there was a little problem with my host family..
They told me they wanted to go on holidays to the USA for 2 weeks (the last weeks of my program). Host mom asked me if I wanted to go somewhere because I can cause trouble to her mother in Beijing.. (You know she is worry for you, she doesnt understand you…)

Then she told me that if I wanted to stay I will have to do housechores (even if its written in my contrat that they have to provide my needs until the end).

The problem is not that I dont want to do housechores. Its more “if you dont respect my rules I kick you out of my house the next day”.

Then she also told me that she found me selfish because I did not wash all the dishes from everybody “What if I only cook for my husband and chloe ?” (she is insinuating that she could not give me food if she wants to).

So here all the rules I had to obey:


(clean the yard twice a day/ take care of her 3 dogs/ be home before 8/ be more open minded (?)/ be responsible of myself in case of problem)

I have to admit that I dont like the way host mom spoke to me.. ” In china we think about others, you are very selfish in your country etc.” and she told me I had to speek clearly about my yhoughts because she dont know what I think (huh sorry if my chinese is not perfect and if Im not a talkative person).

Hopefully grandmother is quiet nice and I help her as much as I can. We also go dancing or playing badminton.

Soooo I’m happy that my coordinator (Nancy <3) support me and try her best to help me !

To conclude :
I have to say that I love beijing, I love china and I love speaking to random strangers about everything when they ask me, I have found so many friends and nice people… But I think my host family was not ready for an Au Pair but more for a cheap teacher/babysitter/housekeeper haha !

Nevertheless, now I feel happy because I am going to find a solution with Nancy for the last week ( I stay only one week with grandma ).


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