Hotel !

It was difficult for me to stay only with the grand mother, I wasn’t free to do what I wanted even if the host family was in holidays.

I had to clean the yard twice a day (which took me minimum 30 min but often 1 hour to do it once), to take care of the dogs, to be back before 8 and not to go out too much because we only have one remote for the gate and grandma wanted to go out too..

So I understand that in China we need to think everytime about others and that is exactly what I did for all the first week (and the 6 months..) but I think I really needed 1 “free” week because I was really stressed for a lot of time during the 6 months.

Then, I took an hotel with Lopair end of the program bonus (they could not pay for my hotel because technically I had a possibility to stay home).

Here we are ! Freedom have a new name.. “Golden inns” 🙂





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