A lot of people asked me how did I learn italian because I could have a great conversation with the two italian Au Pairs (I was sooo happy about it !).

So I was born in Italy and one day when I was in middle school my father told me “would you like to learn italian ?” so he gave me the method he used when he had to work in Italy.. Which is …
Assimil !

For me this is the easiest and fastest way to learn a language because its only two texts (one in your language and one in the other) that you have to read and translate. You o ly have to spend 30 minutes on your day and you never have to learn ! (the horrible things like grammar and vocabulary)

You only need 6 months for the first method and usually there is a complementary one which is also 6 months.

With this method I was able to speak and understand italian even if I have never really use it before ! (except in high schoold where you learn “whats your name” and “what time is it”)
(But I think the method is only for french people.. :/)


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