The end

Today it has been 6 months that I began my adventure..

Being an Au Pair can be hard and difficult especially in China. But I have the feeling that i have been beyond my limits and I have done my best. I know Chloe can now speak in english and have a conversation, that was my goal and I achieved it. But I could not have done it without the help of my friends that have been there during difficult times.

Speaking about China, I truely think that we are not that different (but I know I was in the capital city and all the capital city looks the same now), and adapting to a new culture is not that hard, you just have to make an effort to understand and think how chinese people can think.I really like this country because it is changing a lot and people are used to changement, they never say “no we can not do that, it’s not in my tradition !” they just learn to live with changement. And I also like the fact that everybody thinks about everybody. You may think this is an intrusion to private life, but chinese people just want to know if you are safe and happy !

I can give you an example about that “intrusion”. Our teacher Yvette, always asked us what do we plan to do, with who, how many people, in which place.. Why ? Because when she knows that we have a problem she will try her best to fix it for us ! Two weeks ago, during the Opera culture class, she saw my face and asked me what I had.. why do I wanted to live so early, and when I told her that my host mom didnt want me to stay at home for the last two weeks.. She just asked her friends if they had a room for me !

I have learn so many things during these months, but the most important one was that thinking about others makes you happier than thinking about yourself. There are so many ways of thinking about others.. You can simply help in housework, give a hand to someone with a huge luggage in the subway, give advices based on your experience to your friends, helping these lost tourists that doesn’t know where to go, even if you just want to laugh at their socks in their open shoes. Sometimes you just have to listen that little voice in your head that tells you “maybe that person needs help and I can do something”.

In a few hours I will be back home with a lot of souvenirs on my mind (and not on my phone because it has been stolen haha!).. I do not regret that experience but if you want to become an Au Pair.. find a family that already had one ! 😉

Thanks everyone for following me, and feel free to ask me any questions !



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