Video !

Here you can see my video 🙂 (and btw, my chubby face haha) Advertisements

Queuing in china

Yes that is one thing I really like in China and I will miss in France.. People wait in a queue for the subway ! Even if the subway is full, they will wait quietly to the next one 🙂

An evening in Shichahai and a night in Coco Banana

First, Katelin decided to challenge herself by singing in a open mic session at 4 Corners (full of expats and very beautiful !). Then we walked through Shichahai (our favorite hutong even if its very touristic haha !) Finally we ended at Coco Banana in Sanlitun district, with, of course, free alcohol (and champain) 🙂…

The East wine cellar theme catering club

Sometimes we go to very nice places.. I have noticed that Chinese people really like to drink wine but they absolutely can make no difference between two red wines ! They just like to pay for expensive bottles, collect it and drink it with friends like “hey look I’m rich” ! 😆😆 (Yes, as a…

Happy Mei mei [little sister] !

Yes spring is coming and we go out a lot with Chloe and her mother. Everything is better and Chloe really trust me, she accepts my authority and she even kiss and hug me ! But.. I miss my family and my friends ! 😄

Joy City -> EE City

In Beijing you can go to a huge attraction for children, where they can try a lot of different jobs while having fun ! This is a real city inside a mall 😆 Children are getting paid for their hob and they can spend money at the end or going to the bank and have…

Am I doing a good work ?

Hey everyone ! You know I am the kind of person that can be anxious for everything. So the main question I asked to myself is “do I work enough/well ?” because I had the feeling that I worked a lot and that my host mom always asked me more ! So maybe you already…

First punishment !

I do not understand ! In 6 month Chloe is punished for the first time because she wanted to clean the floor and there was a little bit of water everywhere… No seriously she have made so many things that could have needed a punishment but.. This !?? Her mom put het in the middle…

An other nice day

You may think we go out everytime.. And it’s true haha But you also have to know that I work really hard and go to bed very late, this morning chloe went to my room at 7:30, and I was not ready ! Plus, sometimes ( once a day) I have to cook for the…

My first chinese movie !

Finally we went to the cinema to see Zootopia ! 😀 But before we bought flowers in a huge hidden market and visited a friend of my host mom. We have eaten in a restaurant (as often :D) And then.. !

Beijing Capital museum

Today we went to Beijing Capital Museum ! I still think that Chinese museum are huge to impress people but inside.. There is not a lot ! Haha (but the exhibition about Han dinasty was nice 🙂 )